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Donate NowThe mission of the Cahaba Foundation is to secure private financial support from individuals, corporations and foundations for the state historic park at Old Cahawba, site of Alabama’s first state capital.
Daniel J. Meador

The Cahaba Foundation is a Legacy of

Daniel John Meador


1926 - 2013

With shock and sadness we mourn the passing of our founder, Daniel J. Meador. His tireless efforts on behalf of Old Cahawba Archaelogical Park were remarkable. His love for Cahawba, his childhood home, showed throughout his extraordinary life.

The Board of Directors of The Cahaba Foundation adopted the following resolution on July 24, 2012 listing his numerous accomplishments at Cahawba and elsewhere.  

The Cahaba Foundation, Inc.

            WHEREAS, Daniel J. Meador, descendant of distinguished Alabama families and one of this State’s most prominent native sons, spent a significant part of his early years at the Town of Cahawba in Dallas County; and,

                WHEREAS, his extended visits to Cahawba and through his Kirkpatrick family heritage and contacts afforded him to experience Cahawba’s history through those whose memories possessed knowledge of that history and former glory and later demise; and

                WHEREAS, Daniel J. Meador pursued a distinguished career in legal circles, serving as Assistant Attorney General of the United States, as Professor of Law at the University of Virginia, returning to Alabama during difficult times in the 1960s  to serve as Dean of the University of Alabama School of Law, and later return to the University of Virginia to serve as James Monroe Professor of Law Emeritus; and,

                WHEREAS, Dean Meador was an incorporator and founding member of the Cahaba Foundation and this foundation exists today because of his vision that the site and host town of Alabama’s first Capital, holding such a significant role in the history of the State, should be held and preserved and used by the State and its people as part of our heritage; and,

                WHEREAS, Daniel J. Meador possessed the foresight and perception to realize that for the State to fully protect and maintain Old Cahawba, it would need financial assistance through a private source; and,

                WHEREAS, Dean Meador through his personal contacts with a wide range of Alabama’s citizens put together this Foundation and has served as the President since its inception in 2008; and,

                WHEREAS, Dean Meador has devoted not only his leadership but also a significant amount of his time to the work of this Foundation and the furtherance of its purposes and goal to assist the State of Alabama and its Historical Commission to acquire more land to enable the expansion of the State Park and its programs; and,

                WHEREAS, Dean Meador has traveled the length and breadth of this State in furtherance of the work of the Foundation, all the while maintaining his residence in Charlottesville, Virginia; and,

                WHEREAS, Daniel J. Meador has asked the Board of Directors to choose a new President to lead the Foundation, allowing him to continue to assist and advise the Foundation with less demand upon his travel and time; and,

                WHEREAS, under the leadership and personal efforts of Daniel J. Meador, and during a time of recession, this Foundation has made great strides towards its stated goal of raising private funding to aid the Alabama Historical Commission and its dedicated partner organizations in the preservation and promotion of Cahaba and its place in the history and education of this State; and,

                WHEREAS, this Board has enjoyed the opportunity to be a part of Dan Meador’s aforesaid vision and actions and have determined to memorialize his service and dedication to this Foundation into this State; and,

                NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS OF THE CAHABA FOUNDATION, that we do acknowledge the contributions and personal efforts and sacrifice of Dean Daniel J. Meador to the preservation of the rich history of the Town of Cahawba which held the first seal of the Government of Alabama and as county seat of Dallas County, and the goal of assuring for future generations its role in the formative years of this State; and,

                BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that we do hereby extend to our brother Daniel J. Meador not only our sincere appreciation for his public service but also our best wishes that henceforth he and his family will continue to receive the favor of a gracious Providence; and,

                BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that this resolution be spread upon the official minutes of this Foundation and that sealed copies hereby be provided to Daniel J. Meador, to the Alabama Historical Commission, to the Department of Archives and History of the State of Alabama, to the Governor of Alabama, and to the Librarians of the University of Virginia School of Law and the University of Alabama School of Law. 

                Approved this 24th day of July, 2012.

There are two ways to make a donation to The Cahaba Foundation in memory of Daniel J. Meador and we will acknowledge your generosity to his family.

#1 Mail your donation with a note designating it in the memory of Dan to:

The Cahaba Foundation
P.O. Box 465
Selma, AL 36702

#2 Make your donation through PayPal.  Please click "Add special instructions to the seller" and designate your donation in Dan's memory.

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